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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Top 101 SEO People You Must Follow on Twitter

Twitter is the best tool to get latest updates about specific industry you involve in by following top people. As I am an SEO Expert really think that we should follow our Top Expert People to get their best tips and experiences to learn. So here I have decided to put a list together of the best SEO's in our Marketing Industry, with their accounts description, followers and total tweets, so please feel free to add as many as you want! check code: PF4BYNRW98SU

The list is sorted from most to least by followers quantity:

1. Reg Saddler - Just a guy who loves Social Media, Tech, Photos and Humor. Want to know what our company does: The 1st Rule of Fightclub: you don't talk about Fightclub. Following: 140822 | Tweets: 367004

2. Danny Sullivan - Editor of, covering Google, SEO, PPC and all aspects of search engines and search marketing. Following: 2714 | Tweets: 32901

3. SEOmoz - The Web's Best SEO Software, Tools, Resources and Community. Following: 1124 | Tweets: 16135

4. Neil Patel - I'm Kind of a Big Deal Following: 51487 | Tweets: 5473

5. Search Engine Land - Follow us for news about Google, Bing, Yahoo, search marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), paid search (PPC) & how to use search engines better! Following: 30 | Tweets: 19321
6. Gerald Weber - Professional SEO -Social Media Enthusiast -Link Builder - Entrepreneur - Blogger - Skydiver - Always a student! Following: 62531 | Tweets: 35026

7. Avinash Kaushik - Author, Web Analytics 2.0 & Web Analytics: An Hour A Day | Digital Marketing Evangelist, Google | Co-Founder, Market Motive. Following: 88 | Tweets: 88

8. Rand Fishkin - CEO + founder of SEOmoz. I tweet 50-75X/week primarily on inbound marketing, SEO, startups & entrepreneurship. Following: 75 | Tweets: 12808

9. Aaron Wall - SEO + U = Win!!! Following: 268 | Tweets: 5796

10. Dan Zarrella - HubSpot's Social Media Scientist. Following: 9140 | Tweets: 14829

11. Danny Whitehouse - SEO at Mindshare. Following: 33900 | Tweets: 24828

12. Lee Odden - Author: CEO @toprank Online Marketing w/ insights on strategic Social Media, Search, Content & PR. Proud dad, world traveler, foodie. Following: 3141 | Tweets: 23048

13. Sean SEO - Internet Marketing Blogger with more time to blog than makes sense. Following: 40699 | Tweets: 10902

14. Joost de Valk - I build & tweak websites for performance, SEO and conversion, often using my WordPress plugins. Blogger, speaker & podcaster. Live in NL with wife and 3 kids. Following: 953 | Tweets: 22400

15. Matt Sawyer - London and Surrey based social media junkie. Part time blogger full time timewaster. Head of SEO and Digital Marketing at Datadial. Following: 20835 | Tweets: 9306

16. Brett Tabke - Founder @pubcon and @webmasterworld Inc. - passions: Community building, Conferences, Affiliate, Speaker, Author, Coder, ML programmer. Following: 17047 | Tweets: 10528

17. Kristi Hines - I am a freelance writer, blogger, and social media enthusiast who shares blog marketing tips at and personal tweets @kristihines Following: 15476 | Tweets: 15209

18. Vanessa Fox - I write and speak about search a lot. I own Nine By Blue, where we mix tech + data + search + user experience. Before that, I built Google webmaster central. Following: 303 | Tweets: 5408

19. Brent D. Payne - Former Tribune SEO Director. Now owner of BaldSEO, LLC a social media and SEO consulting firm. Proud father of Luke Payne and fiance of @spicymarina. #BaldSEO Following: 5833 | Tweets: 34091

20. Barry Schwartz - Search Geek. Following: 1044 | Tweets: 27788

21. Unbounce - The DIY Landing Page Platform: create, publish and A/B test landing pages in minutes with no coding or IT. Built for marketers, advertisers and designers. Following: 17271 | Tweets: 11448

22. Ann Smarty - (Guest) Blogging addict and excited owner of (the free community of guest bloggers!) - follow our official account as well @myblogguest Following: 3072 | Tweets: 15143

23. Bryan Eisenberg - Marketing Optimization expert, keynote speaker and New York Times best selling author, columnist. Following: 10038 | Tweets: 5449

24. Daron Babin - Learn SEO from the Rockstars who helped build the industry. Daron's been doing SEO since 1996 and is joined by Chris Boggs @boggles of Rosetta. Following: 25089 | Tweets: 11198

25. Michael Gray - Sometimes I feel like a bot, sometimes I don't ... Wingman to @sugarrae Following: 218 | Tweets: 50533

26. Patrick Altoft - Director of Search at Branded3 a leading SEO & digital agency in the UK. Also blog at Following: 321 | Tweets: 6223

27. Sarah Carling - Co-founder of ObsidianEdge, remembered everywhere as the 'crazy ginger chick' internet marketer, blogger, and ranter at Following: 000 | Tweets: 000

28. Jill Whalen - CEO, High Rankings - a pioneer in SEO Consulting. If you like my Tweets be sure to sign-up for my informative and free SEO email newsletter by clicking here: Following: 742 | Tweets: 14082

29. Jordan Kasteler - Online Marketing Strategist for PETA / Internet Marketer / Entrepreneur Following: 216 | Tweets: 6255

30. Dave Naylor - Head of Search Marketing – – Speak at lots of conferences on SEO. Bronco is a leading SEO, Web Dev & Design Agency which I run with @beckynaylor Following: 586 | Tweets: 8006

31. Matt McGee - Executive News Editor at &, speaker, marketing consultant, founder of, author of 'U2: A Diary', husband, dad… Following: 506 | Tweets: 14998

32. Joanna Lord - VP of Growth Marketing at SEOmoz, social media lover and blog enthusiast. Sleeps rarely. Caffeinates often. Following: 998 | Tweets: 33163

33. SEOptimise - UK search marketing & social media agency. Check out our latest blog posts at Following: 7294 | Tweets: 1787

34. Bas van den Beld - Search and social speaker, strategist, trainer and publicist. Following: 376 | Tweets: 23515

35. Jon Henshaw - Jon Henshaw - Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer (CPO) for Raven Internet Marketing Tools. I'm also this guy when I'm feeling surly: @henshaw Following: 6951 | Tweets: 8763

36. Ian Lurie - Founder & CEO of Portent, Inc. Speaker. Internet Marketer. I blog at I tweet marketing & news 5-8 times/day. Following: 4981 | Tweets: 21124

37. Todd Malicoat - Student, Teacher, Consultant, Domainer, Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Fisherman SEO Following: 622 | Tweets: 5511

38. Ralph Tegtmeier - Dominating search engines since 1996. SEO consulting (white hat/black hat), services & software development. Link building. Automatic content generation. Following: 4958 | Tweets: 115326

39. wilreynolds - Founder @seerinteractive LOVE helping clients grow their biz LOVE building links LOVE helping others in the community LOVE my team LOVE my wife & dog. Following: 356 | Tweets: 12586

40. Will Critchlow - I run Distilled, enjoy cooking, playing basketball and drinking whisky (in nearly any order) Following: 1052 | Tweets: 11435

41. Kate Morris - Search Engine Marketer, Longhorns Fan, Ford Mustang Lover. Following: 659 | Tweets: 21088

42. Jason Kneen - Creator of @tweet4me, @buffer4me, @appcookies • Web/App/Mobile Developer • #Appcelerator Titan • Co-creator of two gorgeous kids. Following: 156 | Tweets: 30532

43. Rhea Drysdale - CEO of Outspoken Media. SEO, link dev and ORM specialties. Ginger kid. Based in Troy, NY. Florida native. Following: 6990 | Tweets: 15022

44. Tom Critchlow - Move. Think. Create. Following: 799 | Tweets: 12928

45. Gabriella Sannino - International Organic SEO Content Strategist | Global Marketing Analyst | Speaker | Owner of Level343 - Si, sono Napoletana. Following: 1611 | Tweets: 48950

46. noah kagan - hi* Following: 158 | Tweets: 5361

47. Jake Langwith - SEO junkie, social media geek, gadget lover & photography nut. MD @stonecartersem Following: 8947 | Tweets: 12556

48. Rishi Lakhani - I am just your average guy interested in SEO and knowing people. This twitter a/c is explicitly me and only me. Following: 555 | Tweets: 27857

49. Marty Weintraub - Author, Speaker, World Traveler, Loves Sonoma, Napa, Oregon, NoCal, Nantucket, BWCA & My Awesome Family. Following: 364 | Tweets: 14820

50. Alison Zarrella - Boston girl and shopaholic living in Las Vegas. Social Media Manager @cosmopolitan_lv. Co-author of The Facebook Marketing Book from O'Reilly. Following: 2519 | Tweets: 15554

51. Richard Baxter - Director / Founder - SEOgadget LTD [A UK SEO company helping people & organisations succeed in search.] Following: 110 | Tweets: 10199

52. Jennifer Sable Lopez - Mom, SEO, geek, lover of nutella, buddhist wannabe. Community Manager at SEOmoz. Following: 655 | Tweets: 28004

53. theGypsy - SEO Consultant and IR geek - seen in USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Land and many more. Following: 1819 | Tweets: 12476

54. Arnie Kuenn - CEO of Vertical Measures a search, social & content marketing services company. Frequent speaker. Author of Accelerate! Hiking, travel, football, basketball. Following: 684 | Tweets: 18504

55. Danny Dover - Obsessed Writer at, Author of Best Selling Book 'SEO Secrets', Senior SEO Manager at AT&T and former Lead SEO at SEOmoz. Following: 656 | Tweets: 3039

56. Michael Dorausch - Yes, I'm a real Los Angeles Chiropractor (ADIOLA). Also Planet Chiropractic guy, SEO Speaker, Distance Runner, Author and Photographer. Following: 152 | Tweets: 31972

57. Bill Slawski - Passionate about search, patents, the environment, music, and life. Following: 2872 | Tweets: 7439

58. Dr. Peter J. Meyers - I'm the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs. I may not look like much, but I've got it where it counts, kid. Following: 872 | Tweets: 29699

59. Lisa Myers - CEO at SEO & Social Media Agency; Verve Search. Founder of the blog & co-founder of Following: 837 | Tweets: 4464

60. MyCool King - Director of Inbound Marketing at iAcquire (Former SEO at Razorfish and Publicis Modem) Making Your Website Money Since 2006 Following: 422 | Tweets: 16997

61. Carolyn Shelby - SEO Director at Tribune, internet marketing strategist, speaker, great big geek who still writes code w/ vi Following: 390 | Tweets: 13305

62. Kristine Schachinger - Undercover tech, accessibility, standards, usability, SEO geek, Speaker PubCon, SMX, SES, DWE & SXSW Til then 'see' me each month @ (+SAR). Following: 5673 | Tweets: 63761

63. Alan Bleiweiss - Forensic SEO Consultant, Blogger, Author, Speaker, and snarky rant specialist. Following: 466 | Tweets: 52559

64. KeyRelevance - KeyRelevance Online Marketing company offers SEO, PPC, analytics, and more. Christine Churchill has a personal twitter account at @chrischurchill Following: 5261 | Tweets: 1522

65. Kevin Gibbons - Speaker, blogger and founder of content marketing agency @quaturo Following: 583 | Tweets: 8688

66. Roxanne Darling - Writer, artist manager, host, speaker, social media strategist, founder @smchi, divine openings giver, @divinerox, photo @tracywcorvo Following: 5728 | Tweets: 16915

67. David Wallace - Founder & CEO of SearchRank - a full service search & social media marketing firm providing Internet marketing services since 1997. Following: 925 | Tweets: 10899

68. steveplunkett - Sr. Search Scientist @rockfish Dallas, Texas #whitecoatseo #gamer #analytics #socialmedia #digital #search #strategy #blogging #coffee Following: 4063 | Tweets: 73301

69. laura lippay - Gal w/ a unique past & spectacular future, advisor, content marketing, Pres. @howsyourpony, fascinated w/ intersection of future tech + marketing. Following: 652 | Tweets: 5847

70. Gianluca Fiorelli - SEO Consultant, SEOmoz Associate & State of Search blogger. Father, Choco Addict, loving Movies and his site. Following: 286 | Tweets: 28741

71. Matt Siltala - Founding Launcher of Avalaunch Media | @avalaunchmedia specializes in Content Marketing, Infographics, Social Promotion | SEO, & PPC | Search Industry Speaker. Following: 281 | Tweets: 37067

72. Mike Grehan - Group Publishing Director Interactive Marketing at Incisive Media. Following: 1954 | Tweets: 1518

73. kelvin newman - I organise #brightonseo, wrote a free (and awesome) book on link building called 'Becoming a Clockwork Pirate' and present itunes most popular marketing podcast. Following: 827 | Tweets: 11951

74. Paul Madden 3 - UK based SEO - formerly @seoidiot Following: 2238 | Tweets: 22532

75. Martin Macdonald - Inbound Marketing Director. Following: 93 | Tweets: 14002

76. Jim Boykin - CEO of Internet Marketing Ninjas. and CEO of the Developer Shed properties. Following: 571 | Tweets: 229

77. Tad Chef - I help people with blogs, social media and search both in German & English. Following: 873 | Tweets: 11348

78. John Doherty - Entrepreneur. Traveler. Head of Distilled NYC. Photographer. Climber. Skier. Kingdom follower. I get things done. Following: 299 | Tweets: 21598

79. Branko Rihtman - Am I bovered? Look at my face, is my face bovvered? Face? Bovvered? Following: 808 | Tweets: 50092

80. Samuel Crocker - ADD Extraordinaire. SEO, Online Marketing, Football... Oh look- a shiny penny! UK based, regularly wear my heart on my sleeve. Following: 421 | Tweets: 17595

81. Adam Sherk - SEO / PR consultant, helping news & content sites with enterprise SEO, audience development & social media marketing. VP SEO & Social Media @ Define Media Group. Following: 1972 | Tweets: 4396

82. Paddy Moogan - Aston Villa Fan. Born in Birmingham, live in London. I work for Distilled as an SEO Consultant. I'm into anything related to SEO, sports, travelling. Following: 743 | Tweets: 5274

83. Ruud Hein - Web publisher, WordPress geek, SEO. Love coffee, music, coziness. SEO & editor for Search Engine People. Following: 117 | Tweets: 22917

84. Eric Enge - Holistic Internet Marketing Optimization Practitioner Following: 204 | Tweets: 3922

85. CiarĂ¡n Norris - 30-something web & music geek: southern (English) soul boy, currently in Dublin. Following: 940 | Tweets: 22909

86. Scott Polk - Co-Founder of ObsidianEdge SEO & Internet Marketing ~ pura vida - see me at: Following: 1339 | Tweets: 8082

87. GarrettFrench - Dad. Husband. Founder, Citation Labs, LLC a Link Building Agency and Tool Factory. Following: 102 | Tweets: 6102

88. Peter Young - Regional Head of SEO - Mediacom / Co-Founder Sascon / Founder Holistic Search / Father of 3 - Following: 1941 | Tweets: 11314

89. SEOgadget - The bot behind the blog… Following: 477 | Tweets: 694

90. dan barker - i'm a big fan of ecommerce, emarketing, ebusiness, & selected other words beginning with e. Following: 2989 | Tweets: 17693

91. Cyrus Shepard - Chief Marketer at PlaceFull - SEO & Startup Marketing Man. Following: 75 | Tweets: 2504

92. Dave Peiris - I make things. Following: 393 | Tweets: 7644

93. Alex Moss - Co-Founder and Technical Director of @3doordigital. Eater of food and watcher of television. Following: 711 | Tweets: 17758

94. Dwight Z - Just trying to build links under the radar. 8) Official twitter of speaker Dwight Z. Following: 3060 | Tweets: 3134

96. Jon Cooper - I'm the link builder Google needs, not the one it deserves. Following: 180 | Tweets: 3143

97. Rob Ousbey - I'm Rob Ousbey - VP Operations for Distilled - the internet people in Seattle & London. I created @linkstant Following: 606 | Tweets: 3629

98. Barry Adams - Tweets are my own. Following: 1107 | Tweets: 15214

99. Hannah Smith - SEO & PPC & CSI & Wot Not. Taller than the Conversion Rate Experts' Squirrel...But only just. Following: 499 | Tweets: 3934

100. Scott Hendison - Father, husband, organic SEO consultant, baseball coach, and affiliate marketer. Not necessarily in that order. Following: 342 | Tweets: 6328

101. Darren Slatten - Rank #1 in Google within 24 hours, or no money back... GUARANTEED! Following: 201 | Tweets: 1504

If you feel there is someone should be on the list I missed to add, please let me know via comment below and i'll try to add them soon and if you liked this post be sure to follow me @rambabu234sonu for more interesting stuff on SEO.

Friday, March 9, 2012

50 Social Media Marketing Tips You Must Follow

Social media marketing has at  its core the foundation of valuable, shareable content in all the various forms of rich media whether that be text, video or images.

social media networks

People watch YouTube videos because they are entertaining, educational or just plain funny. Viewers turn up to your Slideshare account and take the time to view a presentation because the content is compelling. LinkedIn works well for personal branding because you are providing answers to your peers to questions in the Q&A section and providing updates that answers problems, informs and educates.
Twitter teases you to click on links that are engaging blog posts or news that is topical and timely. The knowledge economy is all about the content. Facebook is where your audience is online so content needs to be posted and updated to the social giants ecosystem.
So here are 50 synergistic social media marketing tips and tactics to market your content and ideas and help them to spread to a global audience. Apply some of these tips and you maybe surprised in the journey that unfolds as you and your company are discovered and shared and your goods and services are purchased
because you were ‘found’.

The secret sauce behind these tips is to allow you to create a ‘social media synergy’ that totals a sum far greater than the individual parts. This approach is to guide you to go beyond being just ‘Facebook Centric’ and provide substance, endurance and longevity to your on-line presence and digital assets. These tips are also about assisting you in optimizing and integrating the multiple social media platforms listed below
Some of these tips are basic for some but this is a checklist that may assist you in synergizing your online presence and bring traffic and viewers to your global digital properties.

50 Social Media Marketing Tips and Tactics


  1. Produce inspiring, educational and awesome content that is so compelling that people want to share it, this is the foundation of your marketing. All media is about good content and social media is no different
  2. Write regularly and consistently, people will then come and visit regularly and keep coming back because they know it will be new and topical (that is why magazines have regular publishing time frames)
  3. Learn to write a headlines that make people want to read the rest of your article
  4. Use ‘list’ posts (eg 50 Fascinating Facebook Facts and Figures) regularly. They may be a bit passe for some, but they work and tend to get passed around online
  5. Place a Retweet button on your blog at the top of the posts (WordPress plugins make this really easy to do)
  6. Place a Facebook share  button at the top of all posts
  7. Include a Facebook ‘like box’ near the top right side of the blog so people can ‘like’ your Facebook page even while they are on your blog
  8. Place a LinkedIn share button on your blog (LinkedIn has over 100 million users and they are typically high earners and influential)
  9. Comment regularly on other bloggers in your niche
  10. As you grow your traffic and followers, highlight this on your blog and demonstrate some ‘social proof’. This could even include the number of Twitter followers you have or awards you have won or your website grade or even your Twitter grade
  11. Make it easy for people to subscribe via email (email marketing may be perceived as old school but it works big time!)
  12. Offer to guest post on a another influential bloggers blogs and provide a link back to your blog as part of the agreement
  13. Provide subscribe buttons so people can follow you on your other web properties (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc)
  14. Provide a subscription button via RSS so people can have your posts pushed to them in their  ’Google Reader’ account after they are published
More reading


  1. Update your Facebook ‘Page’ with your blog posts straight after publishing
  2. Provide content and links on your Facebook page that will make them want to share and like your updates
  3. Include Twitter in your menu (This is available as a standard setting on your Facebook fan page)
  4. Run polls using the standard Facebook ‘Question’ feature (above the ‘Write something’ box) to engage your audience and involve them
  5. Link to your Facebook page in your email newsletter
  6. Run a competition on Facebook
  7. Use a reveal tab that is set up as your landing page that provides access to unique content, this could be a video a content or even a voucher
  8. Respond to all comments on your Facebook page in a timely fashion
More reading


  1. Acquire  Twitter followers – quantity is important
  2. Engage and develop Twitter followers within your niche using Tweepi ( makes it easy to follow followers of influential bloggers on Twitter) or (Twellow provides a tool that enables you to find powerful Twitter follower lists in your niche) – this is the quality part of the Twitter equation
  3. Share the content of  influential Twitter people and let them know by including their Twitter name eg @Jeffbullas
  4. Automate the tweeting of other bloggers content that you trust and add value to your followers with other peoples articles and content
  5. Tweet regularly and consistently the posts of other influential bloggers in your topic category
  6. Automate the retweeting of your great content so it is not forgotten and buried in the archives (SocialOomph professional can be setup to do this)
  7. When tweeting your posts include # tags that deliver the Tweet to # groups/lists eg #SocialMedia
More reading


  1. Interview influential people in your topic category on video and post them to YouTube
  2. Include your website/blog link in your profile
  3. Automate sharing after posting (available under ‘Account settings” then ‘Activity Sharing’ , then choose the social accounts and as a minimum select Facebook and Twitter (Reader, Orkut and MySpace are also able to be enabled)
  4. Write a headline that is ‘keyword’ rich for your industry and niche
  5. Write a tempting and teasing headline that makes the potential viewer want to ‘hit’ the play button
  6. Place a link to your blog at the beginning of each description for each video and make sure you write a description that includes keywords and inviting description
  7. Include keyword tags for each video
More reading


  1. Use all three website or links that LinkedIn allows in your profile (these can point to your website, blog and Facebook)
  2. Make your LinkedIn profile ‘Public’ in your settings
  3. Pose questions in the Q&A section of LinkedIn with links to your possible answer as a post link
  4. Setup a LinkedIn profile for your blog (not just your personal profile)
  5. Integrate your Slideshare into your LinkedIn account using the ‘Add an Application’ button at the bottom right of your home page
  6. Integrate your Blog post feed into your LinkedIn account using the ‘Add an Application’ button at the bottom right of your home page
  7. Add your Twitter feed into your LinkedIn account using the ‘Add an Application’


  1. Turn your posts into PowerPoint presentations and post them to Slideshare
  2. Write a good headline both on the presentation itself and the Title area
  3. Include keyword tags that would be used to find the presentation
  4. Promote your presentations on Twitter
  5. Allow viewers to download your presentation to assist in making it easy for people to share
  6. Post them to your Facebook page
  7. In choose a license make it  CC (Creative Commons) License so people can use your content and then attribute and link to your blog
What other social media marketing tips and tactics have I left out.
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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

9 Social Media Hacks We Must Use Daily

Social media isn’t inexpensive, it’s just different expensive. To do it well requires a tremendous time commitment, and regardless of what your life and lifestyle entails, the time you spend on social comes with an opportunity cost price tag. Thus, one of the characteristics that sets adept practitioners of social media apart from less successful adherents is wise use of time.
Using your limited social media time wisely is all about going beyond the obvious activities. If you’re doing the exact same things everyone else is doing in social, I can guarantee you will not have an advantage. But, if you do some things differently, you may find activities where the reward is disproportionate to the effort. These nine efficiencies — hacks — are what you need to embrace right now.

1. Listen to Podcasts

Sure, they’ve been overcome by newer and sexier social flavors du jour but podcasts are still the best way to spend time when you’re not in front of a screen. Driving to work? Listen to Mitch Joel’s Six Pixels of Separation or MarketingProfs’ Marketing Smarts with Matthew Grant . Working out? Put on the earbuds and embrace John Jantsch’s Duct Tape Marketing , or Chris Penn’s Marketing Over Coffee . I’d love to have your ears on my weekly Social Pros Podcast, where we focus on real people doing real work in social media. (you can put your eyes on it too, because we run full text transcripts here).

2. Take and Curate Photographs

I’m not certain if a picture is worth a thousand words, but it’s definitely worth 140 characters. This is the year that photos challenge writing as the lingua franca of the social web: Instagram; Pinterest; Path; Google +  using large thumbnails in the news feed; face recognition technology. All trend lines point toward photography. If you’re not taking and posting pictures to dedicated photo networks and cross-posting (when appropriate) to Twitter and Facebook, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to grow your network and see the world through the eyes (or cell phone cameras) of thousands of new friends.

3. Read LinkedIn Today

Today LinkedIn 300x277 9 Social Media Hacks I Use Every DayIt’s pretty safe to say that most people keep their LinkedIn shrubbery more closely pruned than their Facebook or Twitter trees. Thus, when content is shared in LinkedIn, it often has a better chance to have been shared by people you trust, or at least people with a modicum of business sense. That’s why when I’m looking for a summarized source of what’s happening in the categories I care about, I turn to Linkedin Today.

4. Buffer Your Links

One of the most insidious time sucks in all of social media — especially for content curators — is the “Oh, I found something cool. I should share this on a social network or four!” keyboard fire that spontaneously erupts a few times a day. This kills your focus and productivity. The better approach is to set aside a chunk of time first thing each morning to find the handful of truly interesting content bon mots that are worthy, and use Buffer to automatically share them across your chosen social networks at pre-determined, optimized times. While you’re at it, add the Buffer button to your blog too. (disclosure: I’m an investor in Buffer)

5. Use “if this, then that” Recipes

If This, Then That (IFTTT) is the best social tool nobody ever mentions. It’s like a virtual assistant social media robot, where you can create an almost infinite array of conditionally-defined, time-saving tasks. Create an account and hook up all of your social profiles, blogs, cell phone numbers, etc. Then sift through the mountain of existing recipes to find processes that will save you effort.
For example, want your Twitter profile photo to change automatically when you update your Facebook profile photo? Done. Want to have your favorited tweets automatically emailed to you? Done.Want to automatically store your Instagram photos in a Dropbox account? Done.Want to automatically post to your Pinterest board any link you add to Facebook? Done.
The opportunities are nearly endless at

6. Create a Stalker List

Grab a piece of paper, or open a new document and write down a list of the 20 people you most want to interact with in social media — people you don’t know, but want to know. Then, create a list for these people on Twitter and Facebook, and a circle for them on Google +. Where applicable, visit their blogs and bookmark them. Also subscribe to their feeds (via email, not RSS because you’ll check your email every day, but not your RSS.) Find them on Instagram, Pinterest, and LInkedin and connect in those places, too.
Done? Starting tomorrow, spend 15 minutes total per day interacting with some of these 20 people. Not in a yucky way, and not in a pandering way. If you have something interesting and relevant to add via Twitter, blog comment, or elsewhere, do it. If you don’t, keep your hands to your sides. But pay attention to your list of 20, and find ways to interact with and help them. In short order, they will recognize you and you’ll have grown and leveled up your network of social contacts. Make a new list every three to six months.

7. Interact on Google +

Let me make this clear: If you’re reading this, you should be on Google +. Not for the SEO benefit — although that’s not insignificant. Not for the entertainment value — although the large number of videos and GIFs there can be a hoot. Do it for the opportunity to interact and engage with industry professionals in a comparatively quiet and efficient location. You want to get on Chris Brogan’sMari Smith’s? Or Brian Solis’s? Google + is the place to do it. It’s Twitter before Oprah; Quora for the masses; blog comments but easier to use. It may not last, but for now Google + is the place to interact with people that no longer answer every tweet.  radar? Or

8. Blend Personal and Professional

Favorite Tequilas 300x203 9 Social Media Hacks I Use Every DayQuit worrying about showing your real self in social media. If your social media bios talk only about who you are at work, you’re leaving attention on the table. The reality is that unless you’re a sword swallower or an astronaut, your personal life is more interesting than your professional life. You’re a marketing director for a B2B software company? Yawn. You’re a marketing director for a B2B software company, and you happen to grow prize-winning roses? That, I’ll remember. What you love makes you memorable in ways that what you do cannot. There’s a reason most of my bios say I’m a tequila lover.

9. Quit Obsessing Over Case Studies

How much time do you spend reading case studies, trying to find evidence that social media will work for your company? Case studies should be used for ideation, not ratification. Beyond the fact that case studies are often strategically irrelevant because the company profiled is in a different industry, with different goals, competitors, and customer expectations (among other variances), perhaps the biggest problem with most social media success stories is that the measures of that success are largely without real merit.
Even in the best possible scenario, where the case study in question is extraordinarily applicable to your business goals, social media situation, KPIs, budget, timeline, customer personas, and more (which is a rare alignment indeed), you are placing significant influential value on one outcome. Worry less about what some other company is doing, and worry more about doing your own work.
Social media is too complicated for you to be wasting your time, spinning your wheels on activities and behaviors that won’t make much difference. I know these nine hacks will save you time and propel you forward, because I use them all consistently. But I’m sure I’ve missed many terrific ideas. What are you doing to save time and boost your social media efficiency.